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The Crew

Reef Encounters

Reef Encounters was founded by Hope and Ira Soloman in Boulder County in the 1970's.  Hope and Ira had started Exotic Aquatics, a tropical fish store, and soon after went into the aquarium maintenance business.  Dan Thornton came in about 25 years later as a part time employee for Hope and Ira while finishing his Bachelors Degree in Aquarium Science by doing a paid internship in the Tropical Discovery at the Denver Zoo.  It was only about six months after starting the job that Dan decided he loved everything about designing and maintaining custom aquariums and he hinted to Hope and Ira that if they ever wanted to retire he could probably help them out. 

It was June of 2006 that the deal was finalized and Dan was the proud and excited new owner.  Since then we have grown as have our aquariums.  We now maintain two aquariums over 20,000 gallons and several more that are over 1,000 gallons.

Although Reef Encounters has grown it is important to Dan that all of the clients know him and feel like they can always talk or meet with him personally when they need to.  He considers all of the clients and employees a part of the Reef Encounters family.